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Department of Management Engineering


Department of Management Engineering was established based on the computerized accounting, secretarial, travel and hotel management, economic information management and computer application technology in 2003. The young department has energetic, pioneering and innovative spirit and it has been a great achievement since then. Now, department of management engineering has set up nine specialties. They are tourism management, computerized accounting, marketing, economic information management, security technology management, hotel management, tourism performing arts, handicrafts and production design, and e-commerce.

Department of management engineering has 32 teaching faculties, including 28 full-time teachers, 20 "double-profession" teacher, 2 associate professors, 6 senior lecturers, 6 part-time researchers and  associate professors. We also employ experts who have extensive practical experience in industry and business.

Department of management engineering especially focuses on the practical teaching, highlights professional job skills training and the implementation of "double certificates" system. We have established Jiaoyi travel agency, Jiaoyi hotel, Jiaoyi supermarkets and other training bases in school in which students engage in a real working environment of internship training. In addition, computerized accounting training laboratory and other laboratories are equipped with advanced educational hardware and software platform for students to conduct simulative practical train. Department of management engineering also set up cooperative relationship with off-campus firms as the practice bases which can be real situation internships training bases to enhance students’ practical skills. In recent years, the department has trained a total of 729 graduates. A large number of high skilled personnel are warmly welcomed by the community. A wide range of graduates are employed, and the employment rate reaches 95%, some graduates have become the backbone of the employers.


Introduction of Specialties

1Tourism Management

Training objectives: to train high-quality skilled students to meet professional ethics of the "fine service, understand the management" in travel management, event management, hospitality services positions.

Core curriculum and major practice areas: introduction to tourism, travel management, basic knowledge of the national tour, Guizhou tour basics, field guides service, regulations and professional ethics, tourism planning and development, exhibition management and services, tourism market agents, business internships, mid-term and integrated practice, graduate internships.

Opportunities of employment: travel agents, travel service companies, star hotels, attractions and other tourism enterprises management and service positions.

2Hotel Management

Training objectives: training students to master basic knowledge and high quality skills of modern hotel management and service, to work in the hotel industry management and service.

Core curriculum and major practice areas: hotel management, catering management and service, dish wine knowledge, human resources management, financial management, hotel and tourism public relations, restaurant English, hotel management and service, front office management and services, hotel exhibition management, mid-term and integrated practice, thesis, etc.

Opportunities of employment: tourism-star hotels, clubs, restaurants and leisure travel firm and travel services company



Training objectives: to train high-quality skilled personnel with integrity and dedication of a professional position, familiar with country's laws and regulations, accounting skills and management in accounting business.

Core curriculum and major practice areas: basic accounting, economic law, tax and law, financial accounting, cost accounting, financial management, corporate auditing, computerized accounting, computerized accounting mid-term and comprehensive training, enterprise practice, thesis (graduation), etc.

Opportunities of employment: all levels accounting positions of business, administrative and service organizations engaged in the accounting, auditing, computerized accounting, treasury and cash registers, tax agents, inventory management and economic management


Training objectives: training students to master the marketing management theory and practice with a strong marketing capability in the industrial and commercial enterprises engaged in marketing, marketing planning and management

Core curriculum and major practice areas: economics, economic law, accounting basics, consumer psychology, marketing, market research and forecasting, advertising, marketing techniques, business negotiation, business etiquette, marketing plan, business knowledge practice, the main experimental training, graduate internships, and thesis and so on.

Opportunities of employment: businesses or related industry marketing techniques and business management positions.

5Economic Information Management

Training objectives: to train high-quality skilled talents to master  economic information collection, processing and analysis, information systems operation management and maintenance, word processing and office automation skills of businesses and other administrative institutions.

Core curriculum and major practice areas: economic law, statistics, management science, management information systems, computer networks and Internet applications, database theory and application, e-commerce, business English, market research and forecasting, information retrieval resources simulation training, graduate internships, thesis.

Opportunities of employment: information collection of enterprises, market and economic, processing and analysis, word processing and office automation and other basic management positions.

6Safety Management

Training objectives: to train high quality skilled personnel to master necessary basic knowledge of safety technology management and basic skills, be able to engage in security design, evaluation, supervision and technical management.

Core curriculum and major practice areas: introduction to safety engineering, traffic safety technology, construction safety technology, safety evaluation and accident analysis techniques, accident prevention and hazard identification, emergency management and plan preparation, occupational safety and health management, mechanical and electrical safety , mine safety management, awareness training, emergency management and plans for the preparation of simulation practice, comprehensive professional training, graduate internships

Opportunities of employment: civil, road and bridge construction and maintenance, transportation, mining and other department’s positions engaged in security technology management, safety assessment, accident prevention and emergency management and security design.

7Performing Arts of Tourism / Travel Crafts design and production (school-enterprise liaison specialty)

Offer professional features: travel performing arts, design and production of handicrafts two professions.

Training objectives: Based on the Guizhou’s rich ethnic customs, unique ethnic culture and the arts and customs, to develop a basic theoretical knowledge and professional ability of travel arts, travel crafts and tourism services, with high artistic accomplishment, to train high-quality skilled personnel to master skills and ability of performing arts, tourism product design and production, and travel services

Courses and major practice areas:

Travel performing arts: the basics of Guizhou tour, Guizhou folk tourism, on-site guide, tour guide business, music theory and training, folk dance, folk singing (mostly acoustic-based music), piano accompaniment, harmony, art study, chorus , body and stage dance, choreographer, professional individual internships, professional comprehensive training and so on.

Handicrafts design and production: drawing, color sketch, three-dimensional structure, decorative shapes, materials technology, ceramics, design patterns, computer-aided design, graphic design, decorative style, tourism advertising, the traditional dyeing techniques, designed to travel gifts, travel Introduction, basic knowledge of Guizhou Tourism, professional individual internships, professional comprehensive training and so on.

Opportunity of employment: travel agents, attractions, hotels, travel arts organizations, tourism enterprises and tourist’s crafts design and production service.




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