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Department of Basic Teaching

Department of Basic Teaching, in change of Middle Vocational Education program, is also responsible for basic courses education and management of all over departments in GZPCC. These courses include Politics, English, Math and Physical Education.

The Department has 29 teachers, including 9 professors and associate professors, 5 senior lecturer, 4 professional experts, 6 backbone teachers. These faculties form a teaching team of high quality and more reasonable age structure. The Department always makes students to have a great spirit of innovation and practical ability. It is a key to the development of professional personnel under high quality training. Also our faculty team has characteristic of responsibility, integrity, intellect and competence. 

September 2010, GZPCC formally placed middle vocational education program under management of our department. Taking the combination of basic education and professional education will make us to have the most distinctive professional faculties to focus on the overall educational quality and students’ practical ability.

On the other hand, students have good chance to require scholarship, study loan and healthcare funding arrangements. There are 742 students who study in the middle vocational education school. With teachers as full-time counselor, students will get help in scholarship, financial aids, public activities, student organization and discipline and so on.

Middle vocational education school has set up programs including roads and bridges technology, automotive repairing technology, construction engineering, engineering machinery, computer technology, computerized accounting, tourism, and hotel management professionals. Middle vocational education school will take full advantages of the strong teaching faculties, advanced equipment, integration of a variety of professional laboratories and self-contained factories to enhance the school professional education.


Introduction of Specialty


1Roads and Bridges

Training objectives: To train professional talented person with a certain amount of expertise in road and bridge construction, including a strong mountain road construction and mapping abilities, be teamwork and hard-working spirit in first line of highway bridge construction, be engaged in road and bridge construction application-oriented talents.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for road construction, surveying and mapping in the first line of production-related professional and technical work.

2Automotive Repairing Technology

Training Objectives: The main ideal is to train application-oriented professionals in the automotive mechanical and electrical maintenance, vehicle inspection and maintenance, motor transport and production as well as other professional jobs such as evaluation and trading of used cars, car insurance and claims and other aspects of the work.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for automotive transportation, maintenance, technical sales and after-sales service management, also for technical work of vehicle-related enterprises and institutions engaged in the automotive and transportation management, device management, security management, car rental, and vehicle insurance claims etc..

3Construction Engineering

Training Objectives: To train professional talented person who have the combination of practical engineering skills and necessary theory knowledge, and have a good work ethic on the application-oriented jobs.

Employment orientation: The main jobs of graduates are skilled workers of construction industry. With learning through professional development, be capable of performing first-line construction techniques required,  graduates could be quality inspector, safety inspector, information workers, surveyors and other working positions .

4Engineering Machinery

Training objectives: To train students for maintenance and marketing of engineering machinery of transportation construction, road construction and other enterprises, with a professional ethics of "can repair, can operate, can marketing", students to master inspection, maintenance, operation and other skills of engineering machinery and equipment.

Employment orientation: Graduates major for road construction, transportation, engineering mechanical maintenance enterprises and other industries, engaged in not only the use of modern machinery, fault diagnosis and maintenance of construction machinery, but also construction machinery sales, after-sales technical service work.

5Computer Technology

Training objectives: Training students to master the computer application technology, computer assembly and maintenance, computer network maintenance, office automation and other basic skills, with good professional ethics, application-oriented talents to adapt to the working and service needs.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly work in institutions and enterprises engaged in typing, office print job, LAN maintenance, office automation, computer assembly and maintenance work.



Training objectives: To educate students, with integrity, dedication and general skills in computerized application-oriented accounting, knowing national economic laws and regulations as well as accounting skills to meet accounting services jobs of all kinds of industry engaged in accounting industry.

Employment orientation: Graduates for all levels of business, administrative and service agencies engaged in accounting, computerized accounting, treasury and cash registers, tax agents, store management and so on.

7Tourism and Hotel Management

Training objectives: To educate students to meet the ability and skill needs of travel agency, hotel services and other touring job with good professional ethics required.

Employment orientation: Training graduates for related tourism and hotel jobs of travel agencies, travel service companies, star hotels, attractions dining and entertainment services.





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