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Department of Automotive Engineering

Department of Automotive Engineering is the backbone department of Guizhou Polytechnic College of Communications. It sets up 6 specialties of automotive repairing, vehicle inspection and maintenance techniques, road transportation management, automotive technology and marketing services, bus industrial environmental protection and safety technology in which the automotive repairing technology is the state-demonstration specialty built.


Department of Automotive Engineering has a total of 41 full-time teachers, including 31 specialized teachers, 7 training instructors in which 11 professor or associate professor, 4 senior lecturer, 5 professional experts, 28 double-professional teachers with the master's degree in specialized teachers for more than 4 people.

Mean while, we have 34 teachers as off-campus part-time, in the teaching process, we have to ensure teaching practice closely following the latest trends in automotive industry and technology. Automotive Engineering Department vigorously explores experts of automotive repair industry, technical personnel and senior technicians as automotive professional part-time teachers, currently in which, 16 people are senior engineers and technicians.

Training Sites

Department of Automotive Engineering vigorously strengthens the "real situation training site" construction of teaching and training environment. It currently has seven new training work fields including automobile training work area, vehicle repair training, automatic transmission training, automotive metal work area, auto painting training, automotive electrical and ancillary equipment, automotive engine disassembly and detection training which cover all automotive technical expertise to use in core curriculum. Theses facilities can provide enough training programs for students.

 Meanwhile, in order to meet the students 'internships' needs, department and well-known large companies cooperate and build outside training bases that more than 20 companies have signed a "school-enterprise cooperation agreement".  So that enterprises have become our “internships "base to meet our students’ internships needs. In addition, there are more than dozens of companies that have been keeping in touch to accept our students to "internships". It will maintain stability of the training-base group.

Introduction of Specialty

1Automotive Repairing (state-demonstration specialty built)

Automotive Repairing mainly develops technical expertise in the automotive mechanical and electrical maintenance, vehicle inspection and maintenance, motor transport and other high-skilled professionals.  Meanwhile, we are expanding professional and technical direction to the students study, such as plant management, car assessment, used car trade, car insurance and claims.

Employment orientation: Training graduates for automotive transportation, maintenance, technical sales and after-sales service management, in vehicle-related enterprises and institutions engaged in the automotive and transportation management, device management, security management, car rental, vehicle insurance claims and technology development and other aspects of technical work.

The specialty has two directions:

1 Vehicle Fixing and Shaping

Training objectives: Training students as high-skilled professionals in auto body repair, auto paint and coating, car production line and decoration.

Employment orientation: Graduates for automotive repair business in the auto paint, auto body repair, car decoration and beauty, modification of automotive vehicles, and other aspects of technical work.

2Automotive Technology

Training objectives: To training highly skilled professionals for the automotive manufacturing enterprise and car repair business, to develop proficiency for students in the use of computer technology, automotive technology and automotive electronic control processor technology, specially in the automotive electronic control systems, electronic components, failure test analysis, maintenance etc..

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for automotive repair, automotive electronics equipment use, maintenance, testing, sales and after-sales service technology and management.


2Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Training Objectives: To train professional students’ ability of vehicle testing technology, detection in the automotive repair, vehicle inspection, body repair, automotive technology management, auto services and related business.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for automotive performance testing, troubleshooting, vehicle maintenance and repair, vehicles and parts sales management.

3Automotive Technical Service and Sales

Training Objectives: To train students, with strong computer-based practical ability, adapt to all kinds of automobile sales and service companies, to development needs of car marketing management technology, practical marketing techniques, market research and valuation analysis, and to master the ability of operating auto parts and car driving skills.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for the domestic large and medium-sized car trading and logistics companies, auto parts centers, vehicle inspection centers and insurance companies engaged in automobile marketing, management, service and insurance operations.

4Transportation and Management

Training Objectives: To train professional students to be high-level technical workers in operations research, management, traffic engineering and automotive use in the national provincial and municipal transport authorities, transport enterprises and other transport production and management organization.  

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for automotive and transportation industry engaged in transportation maintenance, application, station management and other units in relevant technology and management of transportation organization.

5Environmental Protection and Industrial Safety technology

Training Objectives: The Graduates have to master certain ability in security technology, engineering research, design and monitoring, assessment and management of complex engineering as well as personnel management in production and construction sector of enterprises, factories and mines.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for the road traffic management, transportation security technology management, vehicle safety inspection, mine safety, construction safety and management, design and planning of highway and transportation industry, machinery and equipment security and management, and vehicle insurance and claims.



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