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Overview of Guizhou Communications Polytechnic

Guizhou Communications Polytechnic is a higher vocational college oftechnology and engineering with communications as its characteristic. The college has achieved thetitles of nationalexemplary vocational college and national high-quality vocational college after it was founded in 1958. In 2019 the college was successfully selected as the only construction unit of high-level higher vocational colleges with Chinese characteristics in Guizhou.

At present, Guizhou Communications Polytechnic is composed of Qingzhen campus and Yangguan campus, covering an area of more than 1,120,000 square meters, with more than 16000 full-time higher vocational students. In the past 60 years, the college has stridden forward with great efforts and achievements and has been honored as Top 50 National Vocational College in Student Management, Top 50 National Vocational Colleges inSocialService Contribution, National College with Typical Experience in Graduates Employment, National Demonstrative College of Graduates Employment Competitiveness, National Advanced College for Career Guidance Work and the Civilized Unit of National Transportation Industry. It has continuously achieved all-round breakthroughs, in-depth reforms and high-quality development. Known as the cradle ofcommunications talents in Guizhou, the college has cultivated nearly 100,000communications talents for the society, contributing to the great leap of transportation in Guizhou Province and even in the whole country.

The college has nine teaching departments:

Department of Road and Bridge Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Logistics Engineering, Department of Rail Transport Engineering, and Department of Basic Teaching.

The college has threeaffiliated institutes:

Guizhou Traffic Technician and Transportation College, College of further education, and Driving Technical School.

The college now offers 40 majors and emphasizes building up two national high-level specialty clusters of road and bridge engineering technology and automobile application and maintenance technology (intelligent transportation in western mountainous areas). The specialty cluster of road and bridge engineering technology includes five majors,which are road and bridge engineering technology, underground and tunnel engineering technology, civil engineering detection technology, road maintenance and management, and computer network technology. The specialty cluster of automobile application and maintenance technology (intelligent transportation in western mountainous areas) includes five majors, which areautomobile application and maintenance technology, new energy vehicle technology, mechatronics technology, Internet of things application technology and logistics management.

The college has 7 national high-quality courses and national high-quality resource-sharing courses, 11 nationalinstructional resource database courses, 26 provincial quality courses, 6 vocational training bases funded by the central government and 6 provincial open training bases.

The college has a total of 669 faculty members, including 222 with senior professional titles, 160 with master's degrees or above and 490 double-professionally-titled teachers.Presently, the college has 13 outstanding teachers of the national "Ten Thousand talents Program", 13 excellent teachers at or above the provincial and ministerial level, 5 experts gaining provincial government’s special allowance, 11 provincial high-level innovative talents, 8 skilled masters and young technical experts at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and 8 education and teaching innovation teams at or above the provincial and ministerial level.

The college concentrates on new goals and embarks on a new journey. In order to achieve the developmental goals of "Worldwide Vision, Chinese Features, Guizhou Cultural Elements, and People's Satisfaction",Guizhou Communications Polytechnic will continuously strive for the vocational education development and continue to write a flourishing chapter in the future.