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Department of Adult Education

 Department of Adult Education , one of the most important institutions in our Polytechnic College of Communications(GPCC) and the unit for administrators’ “1+32” training platform in GuiZhou sector of Ministry of transport, undertakes the theory training for cadres at county level in GuiZhou transportation system and provides continuing education and academic credentials education, which is entrusted by GuiZhou Provincial department of transportation. It also undertakes teaching tasks of our college like self-study examination, adult correspondence education, etc. It is the teaching place for on-the-job M.Eng academic credentials education of TongJi University and for adult higher education of ChongQing JIAOTONG University and also the assisting teaching place for self-study examination of GuiZhou University.

There are well-equipped teaching sites, conference places capable of 50 to 200 people and good accommodations with 100 rooms in our department.

  Department of Adult Education has rich college-running experience with flexible, multi-level and multi-form college system by the way of jointly running college. Cooperating with ChongQing JIAOTONG University, our department has started adult correspondence education since 1995 and increased adult self-study undergraduate degree education in 2004. Uniting ChangSha University of Science and Technology in 1998, we set up Self-study College and bachelor degree classes in road engineering and Master academic credentials education with WuHan University of Science and Technology. It has trained 3866 college and bachelor graduates and 82 postgraduates in transportation. It’s up to 1725 students at present.

Closely focusing on the construction of safeguard system for transportation Human Resource and serving for transportation development, great efforts have been made to carry out three kinds of training tasks, administrators, professionals and skilled talents, which try to improve the quality of transportation employees who can fight the main forces of the fierce battle under administrative department of Transportation system and our college.  It has awarded a total of 2088 trainings to the administrators.

 Closely with GuiZhou communications construction Bureau of Quality Supervision, we succeeded finishing “National Highway and Waterway engineering supervisory engineer examination” and “National Highway and Waterway engineering experimenter examination”, which was entrusted by Quality Inspection

Administration of Ministry of Transport. The candidature is up to more than 17,000, providing a large batch of high-quality and high-degree administrators and professionals. It makes positive contribution to the development of GuiZhou transportation.



Contact number:+86-851-8133675

Post Code: 550008

Address: No.245 Baiyun Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, P.R. China