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Department of Information Engineering


Department of Information Engineering has set up computer network technology, computer application technology (the direction of architectural-aided design), software technology (transportation construction direction), communications technology, application of electronic technology, multimedia design and production (art), computer art design (art), computer application technology (Sulu and customer service orientation information), and computer application technology (logistics information technology direction) nine specialties.

Faculty: The department has a strong, high quality, innovative, master IT industry's most cutting-edge technology and dual-certificates teachers term, including computer application technology and network technology  professional teaching team. In recent years, the department has made a great improvement in teaching faculties’ professional knowledge and teaching ability. A series of success have made Department of Information Engineering to be a typical demonstration specialty.

Practice Base: we have the excellent internal and external training bases with in-school profession training and out-school internship integrated. Such as: Guizhou Tianma Advertising Co. Ltd., Guizhou Hongbo Advertising Co. Ltd., Guiyang Office of Shanghai Panda Computer System Development Co. Ltd., Guiyang Branch of China Mobile and Unicom, institute of vocational-technical and school-enterprise, Guizhou computer technology professional teacher training base, computer software of Guizhou Province continuing education training base.


Introduction of Specialties


1Computer Network Technology

Training Objectives: training students to master computer network expertise, theoretical and practical knowledge, including computer networks, network operations with hands-on skills, computer local area network design, wiring, maintenance, management, network operating systems and other network software, web design and website maintenance and management

Main courses: programming language (C, JAVA), computer network technology infrastructure, comprehensive web site technology, computer assembly and maintenance, network operating system (windows 2003, Linux), network construction technology, database technology, networking technology, network planning and realization.

Employment orientation: graduates for various industrial and commercial enterprises and government departments engaged in all kinds of network development and management, computer network engineering, maintenance, management, internet management and network information services.


2Computer Application Technology

Training Objectives: training students to master computer applications technology, computer assembly and maintenance, planning and establishment of computer network, website construction and management, database theory and application

Main Courses: high-level language programming, computer operating systems, computer assembly and maintenance, computer network technology, database theory and application, web design, language programming, computer troubleshooting and maintenance, website construction and management, computer technology and equipment testing data recovery

Employment orientation: graduates mainly for the institutions and enterprises engaged in programming, web design and website development, LAN set up and maintenance, graphic design, advertising design, office automation, computer technology training, enterprise information management, information systems development and maintenance, computer assembly and maintenance.

3Software Technology (transportation construction orientation)

Training Objectives: training students to master specifications of software engineering, the use of programming languages, software development methodology, database applications and software development and promotion, be a good member of team spirit

Main courses: basic and C language programming, data structures and algorithms, OO programming, computer organization and structure, principles of computer operating systems, Java programming, software engineering, software testing techniques and tools, database theory, information security and data encryption

Employment orientation: graduates mainly for enterprises in IT industry especially engaged in software design and development, software testing and system maintenance, and software technology and management.

4Communications Technology

Training Objectives: training students to master communications technology, control communicationss systems, program-controlled switching equipment, communications terminal and communications technology-related products (technology, debugging, testing, maintenance), communications technology management and service skills,

Main courses: communications theory, electronic technology, program-controlled switching technology, signals and systems, computer interfaces, digital signal processing technology, computer organization, network communications technology, modern mobile communicationss, optical fiber communicationss, database applications, mobile exchange.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for telecommunicationss sector, electrical engineering companies, business sector, finance and institutions, universities and other institutions engaged in computer communications networks, optical fiber communicationss, electronic engineering design, development and management of related technical work.

5Application of Electronic Technology

Training objectives: training students to master instrument maintenance, especially in the initial design of microcontroller products, installation, commissioning, field maintenance and repair services.

Main courses: language programming, electronics technology, the molecular basis of circuits, digital electronics, electronic circuit CAD, automatic testing and detection technology, assembly language programming, microcontroller theory and applications, high-frequency electronic technology, electronic production process, electrical control, microcomputer principle and interface technology, PLC programmable controller.

Employment orientation: graduates mainly for enterprises engaged in electronic product manufacturing, technology guidance, production management and inspection, electronic equipment installation, operation, maintenance, repair and metrology, electrical products marketing and other after-sales service.

6Multimedia Design and Production (art)

Training objectives: training students to master basic computer knowledge and skills as well as modern multimedia technology in arts direction, especially in computer graphic design and animation design with computer applications multimedia technology.

Main courses: Graphic Design, FLASH two-dimensional animation design, web design and production, three-dimensional computer animation design, multimedia design and production, book design, AutoCAD two-dimensional drawing and modeling, 3DS Max 3D modeling and rendering, video compositing basis.

Employment orientation: graduates major in graphic interface design, digital multimedia entertainment graphics images, digital visual graphic design, video advertising design, design interactive media resources, animation design applications and other fields.

7Computer Art and Design (art)

Training Objectives: training students to master the basic method of computer art and design, to able to skillfully apply computer graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, to creative design capabilities with a certain technology-based computer art and design

Main courses: drawing basis, color, graphic design, computer-aided design, computer-dimensional animation design, interior decoration design, computer vector graphics design, design overview, book design, VI-based design, logo design, packaging design, CI design.

Employment orientation: graduates major in advertising, packaging, environmental art, product design, image design industries engaged in graphic design, animation design and production and other related work.

8Applied Computer Technology (customer service orientation)

Training Objectives: training students to master application skills of office automation, be able to have writing expertise and strong office automation management ability

Main courses: basic computer operation, internet operation technology, computer assembly and maintenance, writing basis, documents and basic file management, use and maintenance of office equipment, quick-writing based, text entry and layout techniques, meeting management practice, computer tutorials, modern Chinese, ancient Chinese, English skills computerized secretarial base

Employment orientation: graduates mainly for all kinds of major meetings, press conferences, web-cast live conferences, courts, media, institutions, enterprises engaged in secretarial, news, writers , BPO services, call center work, and other quick-writing working positions

9Computer Application Technology (Logistics Information Management)

Training Objectives: training students to master theoretical knowledge and professional ability of modern computer-based logistics management, especially in computer use, transportation, warehousing, distribution and other services for logistics chain and logistics enterprises with innovative CP training.

Main Courses: high-level language programming, computer network infrastructure, computer assembly and maintenance, database applications, e-commerce logistics and technology, basic knowledge of transportation, procurement and strategy theory, computer office automation, logistics, legal, logistics operations and management.

Employment orientation: Graduates mainly for professional logistics companies, large transportation enterprises, other logistics enterprises and institutions engaged in computer information retrieval technology in logistics, transportation logistics, logistics information management, and database development and maintenance.



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